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F&I Dealer Products

Delivering the highest level of service will always be the driving force behind our busin


IDS delivers the best F&I products to auto dealers in Scottsdale, Phoenix AZ, San Antonio, Austin, McAllen TX areas. Our goal is to help auto dealers increase their profits and delivering the highest level of service will always be the driving force behind our business. Only by consistently exceeding our dealers expectations can we earn and keep their loyalty, expand our customer base and increase the value of our service. By offering you the proper F&I products from top quality fully insured companies along with F&I training, our goal is to help you increase your profitability and grow your dealership.

We help create wealth building through participation programs that includes reinsurance with a CFC or NCFC structure and also retrospective profit sharing programs that includes payout percentages up to 99% . We keep you informed on the latest F&I products services and trends, leaving you to run your business, which is what you do best.

Car Interior
Wear & tear

Wear and Tear is a yardstick to measure the condition of your vehicle at
the completion of your lease in order to understand any additional financial responsibility you may have.

Not all dents are created equal. So how do you tell a ding from a scratch? At the completion of the lease, every lessee is responsible for returning his or her vehicle in a condition that meets the standards set out in this guide. Normal wear and tear means that your vehicle meets these standards. It is the reasonable cosmetic and mechanical depreciation that happens with day-to-day wear. Excessive wear and tear is anything above and beyond these limits.

Lease Wear and Tear
Vehicle Service Contracts

With any of our service contracts, you have the confidence of knowing that your vehicle has coverage throughout the United States and Canada. You can even choose the length and type of coverage that best fits your driving habits and matches your specific needs. Hopefully you will never have a problem, but driving with a service contract will reassure you while on the road.

Mechanic Handing Keys
Vehicle Servie Contracts
Changing Tyres
Replacement Products

In the event that your key and/or key remote is lost, inoperable or destroyed, Replacement Coverage will cover the cost of a new replacement key and/or key remote. The benefit payable is not subject to a deductible and there is no mileage limitation to be eligible for the coverage.

Replcment Products
Exterior Protection

Everybody wants their car to look as good as new., keeping your vehicle looking great by applying products directly to the vehicle's exterior to protect and maintain the quality and appearance of the vehicle.

This protection helps to smooth's the properties of the paint to protect against the effects of bird dropping, tree sap, industrial fallout, insects, and road salts. Paint Protection will also protect your vehicle from the effects of acid rain, spotting, fading, oxidation, and loss of gloss

Man Cleaning Car
Exterior Protection
Interior Protection
Sports Car Interior
Interior Protection

Keep your vehicle looking great on the inside by applying products directly to the vehicle's interior surfaces to protect and maintain the quality and appearance of the vehicle.

With this protection, spills, splatters and everyday mishaps can be more easily removed before they become permanent stains on the vehicle's interior and, advanced sunscreens and penetrating conditioners will maintain your leather.


With consumers borrowing more than ever before under longer terms, GAP is a finance office must. No hassle claims process with terms up to 84 months at 150% MSRP.

Digital Contract
Giving Car Key to Valet
Vehicle Replacement

New car replacement insurance gives you money for a brand new car of the same make and model (minus your deductible) instead of the depreciated value of your totaled car if your vehicle gets totaled.

Vehicle Replacement

Maintaining steady, proper tire pressure increases tire life, improves fuel economy, vehicle handling and safety.
Oxygen readily permeates or leaks through the body of your tires resulting in low tire pressure. Because Nitrogen is an inert dry gas, it prevents rust, rot and corrosion from occurring. And due to its large molecular structure, it won’t seep through your tires like regular air does. Properly inflated, oxygen-free tires last much longer and perform better.

Under the Car
Polishing Car Tire
Tire & Wheel Protection

Protect your customers from road hazards with terms up to five years, no deductible and unlimited mileage. Coverage is available for alloy wheels and run-­flat tires.

Tire & Wheel Protection
Theft Benefit Guarantee

Theft Protection offers you a proven theft deterrent and recovery system along with a financial benefit if the Theft Protection system installed on your vehicle fails to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and the vehicle is declared a total loss.

Theft Benfit Guarantee
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